ErtemSoft Tools & Winlock DLL
Lock & Manage Your Windows

Ewinlock is an easy to use toolkit which allows software developers to limit the access to
Windows systems.

Programming language : Delphi

Download ErtemSoft Tools & Winlock DLL

History : 05.08.2010 Version 1.0

ErtemSoft Tools & Winlock provides the following functions:

Disable keystrokes, for example: Hide or replace the following the desktop elements:
Ctrl Alt Del Windows Taskbar
Ctrl ESC Windows Desktop
Alt Tab Tray icons
Alt ESC Windows Start Button
Winkey Disable Taskbar
Block System Keys
Block Keyboard
And more
Block Internet Connection Security
Screen Lock Disable Registry Editor (Regedit)
System Information Disable Control Panel
Tools Disable Add Remove Program
Hide / Unhide Directory from Windows Disable USB Stor
Change Ip Adress Write Protect USB Stor
Change DNS Adress Disable Internet Explorer Options
Change Internet Explorer Start Page Remove "All Programs" from Start Menu
Enable IE Start Page Button And more
Delete Temp Files
Delete IE Files (Cookies,password more)


ErtemSoft Tools & Winlock Delphi Source Code


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